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If you want to add “Search form”, you can simply add the shortcode using visual composer on any pages you need. (except fixed template pages such as map pages.)

Edit this page (or Add New page) >> Add an element ( + button) >> Javo (on tab) >> Search 1



Then it will be added “Search shortcode” on the page. you can replace or move any place you want.



Title : Add your title (ex : Search Item)

Select search result page
– You have to select a result landing page which must be “Map template pages”
– If you don’t see any pages on dropdown, you need to create a page with “map template”.
( How to create map pages)


Button Background Color :  Background color of ‘Search’ button
Button Text Color : Text color of ‘Search’ button


Place fields on search form.

You can 3 colums at its maximum.  You should choose the number of columns and the field to use.


If you want to add a search shortcode manually, this is the shortcode.

[jvfrm_spot_search1 query_requester=”18″ columns=”3″ column1=”keyword” column2=”listing_category” column3=”listing_location”]


========== Hide Amenities =========

If you want to hide “Amenities tab” ( ), please add this code on custom css field.


.javo-shortcode.shortcode-jvfrm_spot_search1 .jv-search1-search-fields .bottom-amenities > .bottom-amenities-content {
display: none !important;

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