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You can make links using by “Category Block shortcode” with a custom image.

There is a Category Block Shortcode on “Javo Tab” ( edit page >> Add Element >> Javo Tab )

There are 3 tabs for Geneal, Style, Advanced.

– General

Row Column : column size for blocks.
Item Name : default text on block. mostly used for a taxonomy name (ex. Health)
Item Description : hover text on block.
Map template page : landing page when it’s clicked. the pages on dropdown are you created as “Map template” only. (if there is nothing, please create a page as a map template)


– Style

Name color : Item name text color
Name sub color : Item description text color
Overlay color : hover background overlay color.


– Advanced

Link parameter : url for parameter to get filtered. this is important to display listings (what you want) on maps
if you want to link to show a specific category on map, you need to add “?category=” and the category term id.
ex) health category term id is “50”

You can also do locations, amenities and categories.
category=50 , ?location=109 , ?amenity=99

[Tip] How to find term id?

Image : image to show on block as a background.