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If you want to add “Block” shortcodes, you can simply add the shortcode using visual composer on any pages you need. (except fixed template pages such as map pages.)

Edit this page (or Add New page) >> Add an element ( + button) >> Javo (on tab) >> Block 3 (or whichever you want)



Then it will be added “Block1 shortcode” on the page. you can replace or move any place you want.




Header Type : you can setup header type. There are 3 styles.

Title : type a title for this shortcode




Filter: This is that you want to display.
You can choose one of categories.

You can also add “a specific category” or “multiple categories”.

Show / Hide Filter : show or hide filtering buttons.
Post Type: You can choose posts or listings
Order By: Ordering option
Category Filter: Select for taxonomies to display
Use Custom Terms (if post type is listing, it shows): check if you want to show only some specific taxonomies
Custom Terms IDs (if Use Custom Terms is checked, it works): You need to add taxonomy ids to display. How to find taxonomy ids:
Display only featured items (if Post Type is Listings, it works): If you want to show only Featured Listings, please check.





Primary Color:
Primary Font Color:
Primary Border Color:
Post Title Color: Post title color
Post Title Font Size: Post title font size
Post Title Transform: Uppercase or Lowercase for post titles.
Post Meta Font Color: Meta value font color
Post Description Font Color: Description font color
Display Category Tags: To hide categories.
Category Tags Background Color: category tag background color
Category Tags Background Hover Color: category tag hover background color
Pre-loader Style Type  Effect for filtering (Rectangle, Circle)
Display Thumbnail: Display Post Border : Show/hide border on each modules.
Load More Type  You can add the Load more button or Pagination. These options will apear only some of the block shortcodes. (Block 6, Block 7, Block 8, Block 10, Block 11, Block 12)




Display excerpt: Option to hide description.
Limit length of excerpt: (When ‘Display excerpt’ is Enable) Setup for the length of Description.
Rating display style: (Filter tab >> if Post Type is Listings, it works): Setup Star style or Numeric style for Rating.
Number of posts to load: Amount of posts to load.

Columns: Shortcode column amount. (Maximum 3 column)
Display User Avatar : Option to hide author image.


Module Hover Effect : Hover effect on Thumbnail. ‘Zoom In’ or ‘Dark Fade In’