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If you experience some problems while using the theme, you should check these things.


1.The deactivation of plugins

– After deactivating all the plugins you use, please check the matter once again.  If the problem disappears after the deactivation, the problem is related to a plugin.

As this issue is related to the third plugin, we would not be able to help you.
You may consult the developer of the plugin.

2.Server memory size

– The problem might happen because the upload size which is set up in your server is too small or because the php memory is too low.  Basically, you may check the upload memory at Dashboard >> Javo Directory >> Status or Dashboard >> Media >> Add New.

How to increase memory and uploading size :
If you have installation problem, it is mostly (so far 100%) from your low memory, uploading size.






File Error

If you have this kind of errors, it’s also related memory and uploading size.
“Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘jvfrm_directory_post_meta_func’ (T_STRING) in …. wp-content/themes/javo-directory/library/admin/class-admin-metabox.php on line 1”

1. Increase uploading size or memory (php memory, wp memory) first
2. Delete the theme file and upload again ( or upload via FTP.
3. If you are familiar with FTP, you can unzip ( in your computer and replace the files which makes errors. (you can still ask our support team to do that for you). but the best solution is increase your uploading size, memory.

You doubt our file was broken. but the file is fine and it was broken during uploading theme file in your server which has low memory or uploading size.

All of our clients solved after increase uploading size or memory. ( )