Quick self-check & Common support issues.

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We just want to let you save time to solve your issues before you post your support tickets for your issues.

===== 1. Common installation problem =====

We have assisted many installation because you could not. all of issues are from your serve configuration. (so far 100%)

So far 100% of the solution was “LOW memory or uploading size“.
Most of our clients said “yes it’s bigger than 128MB”. but in fact, it was much lower than even 64MB.

If you have any problems with installation our theme, please check your uploading size or memory.
As you may know, server issues are out of our hands and you need to talk to your server(hosting) manager or you need to set it up.

Please see this post for the details.

===== 2. Quick self-check (after install and activate our theme) =======

Your theme (site) worked fine and somehow it just stop or some features are not working!

(1) Please go to plugin lists (Dashboard >> Plugins)
(2) Check all of plugin lists (except theme default plugins)
(3) Deactivate all.
(4) * if you are using a cache plugin, please clear cache to see proper changes. (cache remembers your old data. so you need to clear or refresh)

If you find plugins caused the problems, you need to deactivate them for our themes.

Can we (javo team) assist to use the 3rd part plugins work with javo themes?
Unfortunately, we are not able to assist the 3rd part plugins compatibility for your private customization or favor. as you may know, it’s impossible to work on all of plugins compatibility.
It’s already mentioned on our support policy and all of authors are also same which we (authors) can’t assist the 3rd part plugin issues.  you may need to contact the plugin authors.

===== 3. How to clear / refresh cache ======
After you change something but if it’s NOT changed immediately.

– If you are using a cache plugin, there might be buttons for clear or refresh.
– You don’t installed any cache plugins and it’s not changed?
: Some of hosting provide (activated) some cache plugins as a default option on your sever. you need to see c-panel and clear / refresh.

These are mostly common issues you may face on. I hope it helps you to save time to find the solution.
If you have further questions, please feel free to contact our support team!

Thank you,