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By using this widget, you may add the button to navigation, a button which can move to the add property page.
Please move to Dashboard >> Appearance >> Widgets.
In this place, you may put [JAVO] Menu button – Submit Item in the Menu widget1 area.

You can change the button text.
Also, if you select ‘Setup own custom color’ at Style Setting, you can change text color, background color, border color, and radius just as you wish.

If you select ‘Same as navi menu color’, the text color will be changed to be identical with the navigation style, and the background color to be the primary color of the site.



If you want to change “redirect link” to specific pages, you need a lava payment addon.

If you have it, you can setup where to redirect when “submit” button clicks.

Please see this setting page to setup the pages. ( )
If you don’t setup, it goes to “add an item” page.

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