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When you update new version of themes, you also need to update “javo directory core”. it’s mostly done automatically. however a few of hosting don’t support multiple updates and it doesn’t.

javo directory core update image : please click to see

You just need to check

  1. javo directory core version” :
    it’s same as theme version. (if theme version is v1.1, then javo directory core should be v1.1)
    if the version is different, please deactivate it and remove.
    then there will be a new version of javo directory core. (it’s automatically showing from theme)
  2. Activate “javo directory core”
    if it’s “deactivated”, please activate it.
    it shows all of javo directory main features.

When there are some missing features (such as demo import), this is the solution to display the feature (demo import tab).

(Tip) Note: if your plugins ( Visual composer, ultimate, revolution sliders), please remove the plugins and install again (it will be “install” notification when you remove the 3 plugins)


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