How to make transparency header menu.

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Some of demo data have not setup transparency header menu and displaying “page titles”.
The reason is that we had to setup to display “page titles” according to envato review submission guild line.
Some of pages you need to setup to “hide titles”.

How to setup transparency header menu.


  1. Navi Type : Transparency menu
  2. Header Menu Skin : Light or dark. (it depends on your background image / color. )
  3. Transparency rate : 0~10.
  4. (optional) Initial header background color : you can also setup a color for transparency if you want.* Tip,
    Yes you can also set it up on “Theme settings” for all of pages as “a default header style” (we call it a global setting). if you setup transparency on theme settings, all page will be transparency. then you need to setup some of pages which should not be transparency to default header style.So we recommend to setup default style  on theme settings and setup each pages for your custom styles such as transparency.

    Thank you,