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In our demo site, there is a page which uses a scroll spy function.
We will let you know how to set up the scroll spy, which is used in this place.
1. Please move to the edit page and add a shortcode like an icon or button.




2. Please add the link of this shortcode adding #. ex) #javo_scroll_category




3. In the row which surrounds the icon or button you add, please add javo-spyscroll-icon as a class name. (Even if you do not practice this one, the function would work. However, you would need this class in order to acquire a smooth scrolling effect.)


Or you can set the icon shortcode class to jv-spyscroll.


4. By using a Text Block shortcode, you should add the tag, in which an ID is inputted, to the part which arrives through the scroll spy function. (When inputting the tag, please check whether or not the editor is ‘Text’.)



Thank you,