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Page Layout Setting

  • PAGE LAYOUT : You can change the whole layout of a site.
  • BOXED LAYOUT SHADOW : When you use a boxed layout, you can acquire a shadow effect.
  • BACKGROUND IMAGE : If the page layout is boxed, you can set up the background image which appears behind the box.





Blank Image Setting

  • BLANK IMAGE : This is the option by which you can set up the default image of theme.
    For example, when you or another user creates a property, if a specific image is not set up, the property will appear as an blank image at a shortcode or widget.






Login Settings

  • LOGIN MODAL STYLE : You can select a log-in modal window between two types.
  • REDIRECT TO : You can set up a redirect page after logging in.
  • USER AGREEMENT : You can choose an agreement page which a user can check out during registration.  The user must check this out and check at the check box in order to register as member.






Color settings

  • PRIMARY COLOR SELECTION : selection of color for the whole atmosphere of the site. (There are some parts changed throughout the entire site such as button, label, etc.)
  • PRIMARY FONT COLOR SELECTION : selection of the primary font color of site.
  • BORDER COLOR SETUP : whether or not you choose a primary color and change the border color of the changed parts.
  • BORDER COLOR SELECTION : the border color of the parts which are changed by primary color.






Miscellaneous settings

  • PRELOADER : You can signify the loading page when the page is moving.
  • FIXED CONTACT-US BUTTON (ON RIGHT-BUTTOM) : You can signify the contact form button which is seen on every page of site.(You can see the contact form, which is set up at Contact Form Modal Settings.)
  • SOFT SCROLL FOR MOUSE WHEEL : When you scroll with the mouse wheel, you can acquire the effect by which it moves a little softer.
  • WORDPRESS ADMIN TOP BAR (EXCEPT FOR THE ADMIN) : You can set this up, so that a user may not see the wordpress admin bar.
  • USE LAZY LOADING IMAGES : If you activate this, when you scroll down the page, the images at the bottom are getting loaded.





Contact Form Modal Settings

  • THIS FORM IS FOR CONTACT MODAL : If you set up the ‘FIXED CONTACT-US BUTTON’ option above as Enable, you can show at the site the contact form which is set up at this place.
    You can use the contact form which is made by the Contact form 7 or Ninja form plugin.







  • THIS FORM IS PM : You can set up the form which you use at My page >> Send PM.