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1. by link

As you may know /map/ is the slug of the map page. and you can add “?category=162” or “?location=10” or “?amenity=89”
162,10,89 is the taxonomies term id. how to find a term id ( )

If you want to add the link on the menu, Please move here (Dashboard >> Appearance >> Menus) and add a custom link.
If you want to add a link on URL field, you can add a text on link text field.

2. by taxonomy (archive page)

You just need to add the category on the menu or just add “a slug name” after “/listing_category/”.
You can find the slug name here (
Same as how to find a term id.



Or you can just simply add the categories on the menu.

If you cannot see the Listing Categories tab, please click on the ‘Screen Options’ button on the right side at the top of the page. Among the check boxes appearing afterwards, you may confirm whether or not the ‘Listing Categories’ is checked. If not, please check it.

This is a very common way to create archive pages. you can also find this information a lot on google.


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