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Please install contact form7 plugin and active.


Go to Dashboard > Contact > Add New

======== To the author (Listing owners) ===========

Please download “Contact Form 7 Dynamic Text Extension” plugin and install on your site. (Plugin page)
Add this tag on contact form setting page of your form. (this won’t be visualble, so you can add it anywhere)

[dynamichidden author_mail “CF7_get_post_var key=’email'”]
**Due to encoding issue, you need to re-enter ‘quotation marks” after you copy and paste.

Move to mail tab. you may see mail tag on [author_mail].
Please add this on ‘To’ field and save.


======== Listing Email ===========

When you create listings, you can add an email address. you can setup contact form to be sent (recive) email to the email address. it’s same as how to setup ‘To the author’. however you need to add ‘_email’ on key value, when you add a tag on contact form setting page.

[dynamichidden author_mail “CF7_get_post_var key=’_email'”]
**Due to encoding issue, you need to re-enter  ‘quotation marks” after you copy and paste.



======== To specific email ===========

If you add any email, it also go to the email address.

(ex : ==> all of email go to this email address)


======== If you want to put a listing title in mail ========

You can use ‘Contact Form 7 Dynamic Text Extension’ to set the mail title to include the listing title.

1. Please enter [dynamichidden listing_name “CF7_get_post_var key = ‘title'”] in the ‘Form’ field of your contact form.
(Of course, you have to re-enter the quotation marks.)

2. Then type [listing_name] in the Message Body of the Mail tab.

More options or settings

Contact Form 7


There are also many addons :

Please make sure that we can’t assist all of addons compatibility for contact form 7.